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Overhead Cranes

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Aero Material services all your material handling, bridge and overhead crane needs across Minnesota including Minneapolis & St Paul.

Gorbel Jib

Workstation Jib Cranes

Workstation jib cranes are ideal when lifting capacities are under 1,000 lbs and lifting needs to occur in tight spaces. There ability to pivot 360 degrees, allows them to cover a large space with a minimal footprint. They are great in shipping departments or machining stations where an operator would be required to repetetively lift and move a heavy object. They allow the user complete flexibility to position the hoist directly over the load being lifted or positioned. 



Bridge CraneBridge Crane

Top-running overhead bridge cranes travel on top of rails mounted on a runway beam and are most commonly used when headroom is limited. Sharrow supplies standard and custom-engineered single- and double-girder cranes with stationery axles or rotating axles for virtually any application.

  • Single Girder Bridge Cranes
  • Double Girder Bridge Cranes
  • Box Girder Bridge Cranes
  • Top-Running Bridge Cranes
  • Under-Hung Bridge Cranes




Gantry Cranes

Fixed or adjustable height options that make lifting heavy materials easy anywhere in your facility.

Underhung Cranes

Single girder design ideal for lower capacity applications that lack vertical clearance.

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